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When the statement was issued in June 2017, we have already written this article (saturated fat not responsible for atherosclerosis) in which we commented on the statement of the American Heart Association. It is only mentioned that coconut oil increases cholesterol levels and, therefore, it is believed that it increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. However, no one really knew how coconut oil affects cardiovascular risk, since there would be no studies available.

At the same time, in the previous article, we presented the statement of three cardiologists published a few months ago (April 2017). In their work, cardiologists wrote: “A systematic review and a meta-analysis of observational studies showed no association between saturated fat consumption and mortality, nor between saturated fat consumption and coronary heart disease, and deaths from coronary heart disease, Ischemic stroke or type 2 diabetes. ” .

The three cardiologists also mentioned that saturated fats do not block the arteries, so they are not a problem when it comes to cardiovascular diseases. Then they explain what the coronary protection solution should be. Please read the previously related article on atherosclerosis.

In light of these statements, Ms. Michelle’s additional arguments are even more surprising:

“Everything solid goes directly to the coronary arteries.”
“Saturated fats are naturally solid, you know, they’re all included here (butter, lard, palm oil, coconut oil) solid at room temperature, yes, white coconut oil is also solid. directs to the coronary arteries, in the coronary arteries “.

For general information at this point, just add this: liquid coconut oil approximately 23 degrees. It is known that the body temperature is up to 37 degrees, so the conditions where the coconut oil does not remain solid.

In any case, the doctor must recognize that there is an urgent need for evidence to support such claims, but does not provide them. Why not? Because they do not exist! If this happens and we do not find it, we hope to hear from you.

In summary, we would like to point out fat, which in the context of a low-fat, full-bodied and nutritious diet, is almost as important as what fat  Retro Vigor  eats, as long as it is consumed as high and natural as possible and not hot when the fat is not stable and always pay attention. Balanced essential fatty acids (keyword Omega-3-Omega-6 ratio).

“Super foods are unnecessary!”
After that, the conversation continues smoothly with excellent food, consisting of mickels of “some exotic things”. Shea seeds, goji berries, acai berries and machete.

Their arguments about why these non-superfood foods are not very clear, for example, that during long transport operations components can be lost, that exotic foods are contaminated with pesticides, and that they are not necessary with a balanced diet and, therefore, they save more money.

At present, many food products are imported from distant countries, which are quite common for us, such as cocoa, bananas, pineapples, spices and coffee, which Mrs Michel strongly recommends to all at the end of her speech . – No components (after a long transport!) No strange origin or possible pesticide residues.

Especially with foods such as shea seeds or dried fruits (acai berry, goji berries) or machete, they are hardly afraid of losing ingredients, as they are not fresh foods or other perishable foods. Shea seeds keep their nutrients and vital contents, like other seeds and grains, for years, so the transportation route that lasts several weeks will not cause losses.

As we all know, insecticides are not used in any way, except outside, but, of course, in any place where traditional agriculture is practiced, and therefore, on our doorstep. Therefore, the corresponding residues are quite normal even in German or Swiss foods if they are not organically grown.

Many excellent foods are served in organic supermarkets and come for most of the organic production or small family businesses.

Instead of shea seeds, Michelle recommends flaxseed, but does not explain the existence of differences. These differences are explained in detail in our flax article.

“Vitamin deficiency is unlikely”
Another anti-gourmet argument in the presentation is that people who do not eat hamburgers and French fries every day are probably not lacking and, therefore, do not need high quality food. Yes, the risk may be that you take a lot of nutrients and then you get an imbalance

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