Sunscreen: no protection

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Sunscreen: no protection against cancerous UVA rays
From the beginning of the commercialization of sunscreen products, the rate of skin cancer is increasing. How can you be, ask yourself? According to studies, UVB rays are not responsible for skin cancer, but UVA rays penetrate the layers of the skin. The tests confirm that three out of five sunscreens do not provide adequate protection against UVA rays that cause cancer.

While manufacturers have brought to the market sunscreens that contain UVB blockers for decades, and consumers feel safe, ultraviolet rays cause long-term damage. Since most sunscreens prevent ultraviolet radiation, the level of vitamin D in the blood decreases by 97 to 99%. Vitamin D deficiency in turn promotes some types of cancer.

However, conventional sun protection or sprays areĀ Prache cream not considered too undesirable in terms of UV protection. Just as the scandal is the claim that some components of these “solar condoms” are suspected to cause cancer.

Sunscreen – ingredients as potential carcinogens
Most of the available solar panels contain harmful components. This is the conclusion of the sunscreen manual of the Environmental Working Group of the United States Environmental Organization (EWG), which emerged in 2012. Only 25 percent of the 800 test products provide a Effective protection against harmful ultraviolet radiation, and they are also free of ingredients that may Harm the skin.

Oxybenzene and retinyl palmitate without sunscreen are safe according to the guidelines for sun protection. Both substances act as irritants, allergens, bankruptcy substances for hormones or carcinogens. Therefore, toxicologists warn about oxygen oxygen (also: benzofonone-3), which can cause cell damage and skin cancer. A recent study suggests a potential link between this chemical, which works in a similar way to estrogen, and endometrial endometriosis, which causes painful growth in the tissues of the uterus.

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