Is honey useful for asthma?

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Honey has anti-inflammatory properties, a common ingredient in cold and flu treatments. But can honey cure asthma?
Honey is a common home remedy for cough and sore activated xtnd throat, and can reduce these symptoms in people with asthma.

Next, we explored the search behind the use of honey to treat asthma. We also describe the risk involved.

Does honey treat asthma?
Honey for the treatment of asthma
Honey increases the production of saliva, which can reduce cough and irritation of the larynx.
It seems that honey may have some benefits for people with asthma. It can be particularly effective in controlling cough.

Honey increases the production of saliva. Since saliva lubricates the airways and reduces irritation in the throat, the cough may be reduced.

Honey also has anti-inflammatory properties and can reduce the swelling of the airways that accompany asthma.

The Department of Health at the University of California, Los Angeles, recommends eating two tablespoons of honey at bedtime to reduce coughing.

The evidence did not support other theories about honey as a treatment for asthma.

For example, some advocates of honey for asthma claim that this method can help eliminate the individual’s sensitivity to pollen. Pollen is a common allergy that can cause asthma attacks.

What does the research say?
Most of the relevant research has proven the effectiveness of honey as an anticoagulant.

It is important to note that many of these studies have examined the effects of honey on upper respiratory tract infections, not asthma, although the two conditions may have similar symptoms.

A study in 2012 included 300 children from 1 to 5 years old who had upper respiratory infections. The researchers gave some children citrus honey or camphor honey or Lapati honey. Others received a placebo.

Children who ate honey had a reduced nighttime cough, which allowed them to sleep better.

A 2012 review examined the results of two clinical trials with a total of 265 children with acute cough.

When comparing the effectiveness of honey and cough inhibitors, the researchers found that honey was more effective or effective than diphenhydramine or dextromethorphan, which are common components of cough inhibitors. Honey was more able to cure cough than any treatment at all.

Most studies included oral honey ingestion, but an animal study in 2014 tested whether inhaled honey could reduce asthma symptoms. The results indicated that the honey was effective. However, additional research in humans is needed.

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