How and where can you find suitable dietary advice

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How can I find out about a high quality food consultation?
Once you think about going to a nutritionist or nutritionist, the following questions arise:

How and where can you find suitable dietary advice?
Do health insurance companies pay for food tips?
How much does it cost to feed?
How should food counseling work ideally?
What to look for if you want high quality food tips? What criteria must a nutritionist / nutritionist meet? What should be clarified by phone or by mail / question / question to meet a really good nutrition expert?
1. Where can you find the right counselor?
Of course, you can ask your doctor about a nutritionist you recommend. You can also search the internet. Often, it seems, he seems to be looking for the needle in the haystack. There are more training offers as a dietitian for nutritionists who can advise you.

If you are looking for an expert in comprehensive nutrition, you will soon find a nutrition search function on our site that will help you find the right dietitian near you. If you already need a nutritionist, read the ideas of several nutritionists below. Here you will find more nutritionists. We also welcome the contact with the Academy of Natural Medicine by mail, where nutrition experts are trained. Next, you will receive the corresponding contact information.

2. Do health insurance companies cover the costs of consultation?
He suffers from a disease that is also officially applied ernährungsmitbedingt (osteoporosis, allergies, diabetes, cancer, obesity and many other high ketozin cholesterol levels). You have part of the health statement to get advice on food, but only if the doctor also has this opinion. And planned gastronomic advice. Then one receives what is called a necessary medical certificate. They are presented in advance to health insurance and await their decision, where they say if they have paid the cost and, if so, how much.

In this case, you should consult the nutritionists to be approved by your health insurance, which usually means that they are in accordance with the guidelines of the German Dietetic Association (DGE) to advise, so the selection is already a reduction meaningful

Who is a private insurer? You can check your health insurance if he can not also go to nutrition and those who do not, because he is limited in his deliberations, as a DGE consultant.

If you want to follow the food advice for purely protective purposes, this support even a little health insurance to some extent (with grants), but should be discussed directly with the cash register. Because the doctor who will be here is not very helpful, because he can not prescribe anything in the absence of disease.

On the other hand, self-advocates have the freedom to choose, so they can choose nutrition tips that meet their criteria.

At the same time, there is also an opportunity for physicians to obtain additional training for food medicine in a somewhat short training. If this is the case with your doctor, you do not need to refer him to food advice, but he can advise you.

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