Healthy and healthy with capsaicin.

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Capsaicin is a hot matter of sweet pepper. The sharpness is not only good taste, but also healthy. For years, science has been following the health benefits of cayenne pepper. The research focuses on many of the properties of capsaicin: capasisin fights cancer, relieves blood, protects the stomach, reduces blood sugar and is Tevida also a powerful antioxidant. Capsaics also burn fat, which helps you maintain your weight.


Capsaicin in fall

You like hot weather? Do you like to burn on the tongue, the heat that follows in the body and the drops of sweat on your forehead? Then we have a lot of good news for you! The edges of cayenne are healthy, so you can eat them daily, especially if you have a specific goal in mind.


You may want to improve blood flow and prevent Tevida CANADA cardiovascular disease? Or maybe you want to anticipate cancer? Something good for your stomach? Would you be happy if your blood sugar level is not high? Or maybe you just want to pave the way for your dreamy personality? Cayenne pepper can help you with that.


Sweet pepper – sweet or hot?

Peppers are available in many variations. Sweet peppers are not spicy at all. It is consumed in large quantities and has a high content of vitamin C. They contain many carotenoids such as lycopene, lutein and zeaxanthin, your eyes, but also your heart in every pepper meal.


These phytochemicals are also extremely effective in the fight against prostate cancer against breast cancer, as well as in general against oxidative stress in all corners and extremities of the body, especially for its strong antioxidant potential.







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