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Food allergies and intolerance hinder weight loss.
Many people suffer from food intolerance or allergies that they knew nothing at first.

This can cause inflammation for a long time in the body, in which large amounts of proteins called TNF-alpha are released. This auto-article can lead to inflammatory processes.

In the continuous inflammatory processes that occur in certainĀ Keto Viante foods due to an excessive reaction of the body, the protein is excreted in excess.

This in turn can lead to the interruption of the overall recovery of glucose and the movement of type 2 diabetes or its precursors. As a result, weight loss can now become an insurmountable obstacle.

In mild cases, subtle allergies to food can also cause irritation of the gastric lining and cause repeated cravings, so weight loss is not very useful.

If you know that the allergy or food that the immune system reacts to is not appropriate, you should avoid it at the beginning.

A strong reaction to a completely abnormal diet shows that your immune system is currently angry for any reason.

Therefore, it is very important, in general, to reduce this important defense system as much as possible.

Often responsible for overloading toxins (dental toxins, pesticide residues in food, medicines, etc.) and other pollutants, you must cleanse your body and very clearly your intestines, because here the vast majority of the immune system is concentrated in condensate and detoxification This is colon cleansing, where the dissolved toxins are immediately restricted and released quickly. Probiotics must be fed with the same quality that they are capable of building stable intestinal bacteria.

This procedure contributes greatly to the relaxation of the immune system, so that “not only” can contribute to the disappearance of allergies, but also facilitates the elimination of significant form.

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