Five vitamins for hair loss.

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Five vitamins for hair loss.
Of course, all vitamins, minerals and trace elements are essential for healthy hair. However, five vitamins play a particularly important role in promoting hair growth.

They prevent vitamin deficiency and prevent or treat hair loss caused by this deficiency.

Vitamin C promotes hair growth.
Vitamin C deficiency not only makes you vulnerable to infections, it also damages the structure of your hair. In contrast, vitamin C supports hair growth in different ways.

For example, vitamin C is necessary for iron to bind to red blood cells and, therefore, reach the roots of hair in the first place. Iron deficiency can cause structural damage to the hair shaft until it is lost.

Vitamin C also participates in the formation of collagen. Collagen is the structural protein needed to build and protect hair follicles. Keto Blast Therefore, vitamin C deficiency can lead to collagen becoming stiff around the follicle and, therefore, to hair loss.

Particularly intense in relation to collagen repair, vitamin C works with OPC, a vegetarian chemist with excellent properties for hair and skin health.

OPC is not only a high-quality collagen repair agent, it also protects the hair roots from the attack of free radicals as an antioxidant. Therefore, after at least two or three months of treatment, OPC produces a denser and healthier hair for many people (and even animals).

As you know, the human body can not produce vitamin C on its own and there is no specific storage of vitamin C. Therefore, it is important to take vitamin C regularly with your food.

The lack of vitamin C is particularly easy with typical vitamin C suppliers, such as. Fresh fruits (fruits of citrus fruits and berries). But some vegetables are also rich in vitamin C, such as peppers, cabbage and radish.

If you can not treat vitamin C deficiency with diet, it is recommended to take special dietary supplements such as cherry powder, cirrhola juice or the production of fruit powder made with delicacy from fruits rich in vitamin C in particular.

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