Fart: We all leave, but we’re all ashamed

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Especially if you suddenly have a lot of problems with that. But instead of keeping your buttocks together, you think better about what the wind and the associated swelling are about your health.
First and foremost: What are these SafewithSmartfood  appropriate sanctuaries? In short, this is the air trapped in your insides. The air you inhaled may be from eating, drinking, chewing or swallowing. These winds are a combination of carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen, without any odor.

That’s wrong? Then, it is usually a by-product in the digestion of food produced by bacteria that live in the intestines. These bacteria love some food products like beans and lentils. The result: it grows a lot and produces many gases, which dare to stink. This does not mean that I can no longer eat beans or lentils. You just need to know that you are very windy the next day.

So it’s quite natural for a small garrison to escape from time to time. With the average person who spends between 7 and 20 times a day. Have you suddenly left much more? Then it is likely that your body is trying to tell you something.

You eat a lot of chewing gum or drink a lot of sparkling water.
Do you always call chewing gum without sugar to breathe? Then we have bad news. This chewing gum often contains sugar substitutes such as xylitol, which is difficult to digest.

With sparkling water you should not look away from this problem. Spraying water, like soda on the road, leads to extra gas because there is simply extra gas in the water.

You eat very fast
If you empty the plate quickly, it will take in too much air and may not chew enough. However, the process of digestion of food already begins in the mouth. It does not look very tasty, but the enzymes in the saliva make the food even smoother. If this does not happen correctly, the digestive system should work after the extra hours, which causes swelling and flatulence. The solution is obvious: take time to eat your food and try to chew it enough.

You are suffering from intestines leaking from them
Oops? If you do not swallow it in your coffee, you are not the only one. The leaky intestine exists. In the “leaky gut” syndrome, as it is also called, intestinal function does not work properly, so intestinal bacteria are released from the game. One of the possible consequences? Think about it: extra protection.

The bowel intestines can have many causes, including stress, sugar, alcohol and analgesics such as ibuprofen. Unfortunately, there is no ready solution. The general slogan is: Buy a healthy diet and try to pamper yourself and relax.

You are sensitive or intolerant towards some food groups.
Food that is put in the mouth will end up in the small intestine at a certain point. There are enzymes that digest your food. Your body usually produces enough enzymes to do the job, but sometimes this is not the case. Everything that is not properly digested continues its path until the bacteria face the intestine. These bacteria can extract more nutrients, which means they produce more gas. This does not necessarily mean that it is intolerant, but it can also mean that it is sensitive to certain food groups.

Do you often have bowels and sensitive seizures? Then you should consult your doctor.

You have a digestive disorder
Sometimes there are more, and those intestinal rashes are symptoms of a gastrointestinal disorder. Even in this case, you should visit your doctor, especially if you have other problems such as abdominal pain, heartburn or weight changes.

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