Buy a trampoline – How to recognize

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Buy a trampoline – How to recognize a high quality trampoline
If you want to buy a trampoline, pay attention to the quality. With the low cost trampoline, the spring is installed in its place by the steel springs. However, steel springs have one major drawback: they do not stretch too much and suddenly stop at maximum expansion. This sudden stop translates as a small hole in the body, spine and joints, as well as jumping from small stools to the ground.

However, if you jump from the stool to the floor, then your body only affects the weight of your body, which in itself can be too much. However, if you jump on the trampoline, you will be accelerated by jumping and jumping. This will make you land with a much greater weight. This weight can be up to four times its actual weight.

Therefore, if you jump on a steel spring with steel springs, do not overload your joints or your spine with your usual weight, but with several times your weight. It can quickly lead to headaches, joint pains and tight muscles, unlike what you really want to achieve.

When you buy a trampoline, make sure that the trampoline game of the future contains the jump mat that is attached to the rubber rings. rapid trim 247 There is often talk of a medical trampoline. It is important here that there are many loops, not just a rope that has been thrown everywhere by a carpet and a frame. This tends to bend, which can lead to spinning.

The ideal manufacturers are where you can set up your trampoline. The trampoline is available with rubber rope for different weight categories, for different applications and also in different colors. The high quality trampoline costs between 200 and 600 euros, of course, depending on the diameter and accessories.

Before starting training
Before getting the trampoline, you should pay attention to the following:

15 minutes before drinking a large glass of water (300 ml).
Do not jump from the trampoline! Because it swings, you accelerate from the trampoline and you increase to four times your weight on the ground. If you hit the trampoline, it does not matter because it is flexible. However, if you land on the hard ground, you will dismantle your joints with complications from your weight, and you just want to avoid such a heavy load.
Pay attention to the height. So do not place the trampoline under the ceiling light or in a very low room.
Trampoline training without shoes and without socks. It is easy to slip with the socks, and with the shoes you will not be able to enjoy the thought massage, which will give you the trampoline exercise automatically. In addition, it is easier to store with shoes.
Remove chewing gum and candy from your mouth before training. Otherwise, the part can end up in the trachea, which will not be very pleasant …
Also, consider warming up during trampoline training and start with a slight roll without lifting the feet off the mat.
At the beginning, exercise for 10 minutes a day. Even if the exercise seems easy at the beginning, at any time the muscles without training are enlarged. Later, you can also exercise 15 or 20 minutes twice a day. In between, of course, you can turn as much as you want for a few minutes to continue the movement.
If you have trouble keeping your balance, have not practiced for a long time or have not been trained, there are also mini trampolines that you can keep until you are ready to do it, even without exercising with your hand. Sometimes, if you put the trampoline near a drawer or something like that. Like where you can rest sometimes.
In any case, observe the manufacturer’s safety instructions for the instructions for use.
If you have a musculoskeletal problem or are already receiving medical treatment, talk to your doctor or physiotherapist about trampoline training. You will definitely receive expert guidance.
On the Internet there are countless videos with trampoline exercises, both for beginners and advanced, for people who want to lose weight, for people with back pain, for people who have a hip process, etc. Etc. Simply by clicking!
You will also receive a DVD with the first exercises of the manufacturers of high quality trampolines. Or ask about the appropriate trampoline lessons in the gym.

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