Believers in general Americans suffer a deterioration of lung transplantation more than patients in the United Kingdom

American patients undergoing lung transplantation for cystic fibrosis have remained much lower if they are openly believers, compared to British believing patients publicly. According to a new study published in the American Journal of Agriculture.
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patients with cystic fibrosis survived advanced keto publicly insured in the United States who underwent a lung transplant in an average of 4.7 years, compared to 8.1 years for patients with public insurance in the United Kingdom.
About 30,000 children and adults in the United States suffer from cystic fibrosis (CF) – a hereditary condition in the obstruction of the lungs and digestive thick and viscous mucus.

People with CF can have recurrent and severe lung infections, malnutrition, difficulty breathing and premature death.

While some cases can cystic fibrosis anti-inflammatory drugs and other drug treatment may need patients with advanced lung disease, as a result of the case of undergoing a lung transplant in.

In order to study, researchers from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD, and the Ministry of National Health funded by the British government (NHS) to know whether the survival of patients who received lung culture in cases of cystic fibrosis It varies depending on the type of insurance that is covered. By.

“Lung transplantation is one of the most complicated procedures carried out today, which requires a lot of resources, accurate and long-term management by multiple specialists, and as such is still the treatment is not what ideal, “says the great researcher Dr. Ashish Shah, assistant professor of surgery. And director of operations for heart and lung transplantation at Johns Hopkins University. “Therefore, it is extremely important to identify and eliminate any systemic factor that interferes with your success.”

NHS patients survive for a longer period of almost 4 years than Americans are publicly insured
The study included 2307 patients with cystic fibrosis 12 years or older from the United Kingdom and the United States who had undergone lung or heart and lung transplantation between 2000 and 2011 years.

All UK patients believers publicly through the NHS, and it was 39% of American patients believers publicly with Medicare or Medicaid, while the rest of the patients in the United States private insurance.

The researchers found that patients results in 1-3 months after surgery did not differ according to the types of insurance, but this was not the case in the evaluation of long-term results.

The team found that patients with UK believers have publicly the survival rate of 8.1 years, while Americans escaped believers openly rate of 4.7 years. As Americans have believers in particular the results of a little less than the patients in the United Kingdom, with an average survival of 7.9 years.

These results were maintained even after the researchers considered factors that may affect survival, such as the age of the patients, the condition of their lungs before surgery and their overall health.

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