Alternative to aluminum foil: banana leaves.

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Banana leaves instead of aluminum foil.
While the fruit of a banana plant is one of the most popular fruits in Europe, the banana leaves or banana flowers are largely unknown. Trialix Of course, because the banana plant depends on the tropical or subtropical climate. Although they are grown in the EU, Z. In the Canary Islands, the Azores and Crete, but almost exclusively to enjoy local bananas.

With the opening of more and more Asian restaurants, but also African and South American doors in the main cities of Europe,

Trialix CANADA

interest in courts around the world began to grow. Whether in India, Thailand, Indonesia, Mexico or the Congo, banana leaves are indispensable in the kitchen long ago, wherever banana grows.

Bananas up to three meters long, flexible and waterproof are not eaten here, but are used to cook in a very pleasant way.

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