A fear tactic similar to that of pregnancy

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L carnitine in children.
A fear tactic similar to that of pregnancy in L-carnitine in children is also practiced. Its own composition has fully developed after about 15 years, it is said. But this can also mean that children need a smaller amount of supposed carnitine.

As of 2004, a study is available at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia), which in any case concluded that a vegetarian diet does not affect the body’s Carnitinel level.

However, children always rely on the intake of carnitine from outside. Therefore, breast milk is extremely rich in carnitine, but only in the first weeks. In fact, after about a month, the content of L-carnitine in breast milk decreases considerably, regardless of whether the mother lives vegetatively or not.

Nobody knows if these wastes, similar to the level of iron, can have benefits for the baby and are prepared on purpose. Because it is well known that breast milk provides at any time of breastfeeding all nutrients with the amounts that the baby exactly needs.

In fact, one study found that children fed baby foods without carnitine developed naturally and had no symptoms of carnitine deficiency.

However, it is not recommended to take baby foods free of carnitine. Breast milk should always be a model for the formation of alternative foods,  elite xl even if it is not a disease. If breast milk contains L-carnitine, infants should be fed and receive L-carnitine.

In children, L-carnitine deficiency should appear in growth disorders. However, in children who have healthy vegetarian nutrition, growth disorders have not been reported to be attributable to a lack of carnitine.

Focus here on “good nutrition”. Because if the child is not healthy, whether vegetarian or natural person, he may lack the material he needs for L-carnitine, which will naturally lead to a deficiency of L-carnitine. Here, the deficiency of L-carnitine is not due to a particular diet, but simply to a general malnutrition.

State reports provide a bad reputation for the vegetarian diet
Unfortunately, reports of individual cases of children suffering from plant malnutrition, such as those in 1992, are circulating repeatedly when a 7.5-month-old child with developmental disorders, hyperthyroidism, hypotension, and reduced bone density is Large, at the University of Ensemble. The laboratory values ​​showed an extremely high TSH value and low levels of thyroid hormone (free of T4), without hypothyroidism, lack of calcium, lack of general caloric intake and lack of L-carnitine.

The baby was breastfed until 2.5 months of age. After that, for 5 months, he received diluted almond milk. The mother is a strict vegetarian and in the summary of the case report she was informed that the father is a vegetarian vegetarian.

This child’s diet is called severe malnutrition and has nothing to do with a healthy vegetarian diet. Children can consume almond milk in small amounts, in addition to a healthy diet (therefore, approximately the eighth month), but anything else that is not an adequate substitute for breast milk.

Babies are never vegetarians because they depend on breast milk, known to be non-vegetarian, but derived from a living organism.

So understandable, if the child’s description suffers from growth disorders. However, this was not due to the lack of accompaniment of carnitine, but to the fact that the child in general received little to eat. They are deprived of crafts and lack all the nutrients and vital substances. The lack of iodine was particularly evident, which alone could lead to the symptoms described.

Such exceptions, which the media gratefully accepts, may be one of the reasons why today we think that vegetarian children are automatically malnourished. But this is not the case.

It is important in a healthy diet that all nutrients and nutrients are included. Then the body can produce enough L-carnitine by itself:

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